Volume 4: Issue 7-8


Issue 7-8

About the Cover

The cover for this issue of Oncoscience features Figure 1 ("Origin and mechanism of neuroblastoma") from Tsubota et al.


Curing glioblastoma: oncolytic HSV-IL12 and checkpoint blockade


Dipongkor  Saha, Robert L. Martuza, Samuel D. Rabkin

p 67-69

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Origin and mechanism of neuroblastoma


Shoma  Tsubota, Kenji  Kadomatsu

p 70-72

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RNA processing: a new player of genomic instability in multiple myeloma


Matteo  Marchesini, Elena  Fiorini, Simona  Colla

p 73-74

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Pure CTCs, advanced WGS, and precise personalized combination therapies


Brock A. Peters, John W. Park, Radoje  Drmanac

p 75-76

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Defects in mismatch repair: the Achilles heel of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer with intrinsic endocrine therapy resistance?


Svasti  Haricharan, Matthew J. Ellis

p 77-78

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Research Papers

Increased expression of the tight junction protein TJP1/ZO-1 is associated with upregulation of TAZ-TEAD activity and an adult tissue stem cell signature in carfilzomib-resistant multiple myeloma cells and high-risk multiple myeloma patients


Irene  Riz, Robert G. Hawley

p 79-94

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Beta-adrenergic receptors are expressed across diverse cancers


Steven L. Rains, Clarissa N. Amaya, Brad A. Bryan

p 95-105

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Understanding the influence of patient demographics on disease severity, treatment strategy, and survival outcomes in merkel cell carcinoma: a surveillance, epidemiology, and end-results study


Harib H. Ezaldein, Alessandra  Ventura, Nicolaas P. DeRuyter, Emily S. Yin, Alessandro  Giunta

p 106-114

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