Volume 3: Issue 5-6


Issue 5-6

About the Cover

The cover for this issue of Oncoscience features Figure 5 ("Familial adenomatous patients with desmoid tumours show increased expression of miR-34a in serum and high levels in tumours") from Walton et al.


Persistent infections, immune-senescence and Alzheimer's disease


Federico  Licastro, Elisa  Porcellini

p 135-142

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XPO1, therapeutic...and prognostic target in sarcomas


François  Bertucci, Pascal  Finetti, Daniel  Birnbaum

p 143-144

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The role of BRCA1-IRIS in ovarian cancer formation, drug resistance and progression


Wael M. ElShamy

p 145-146

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Ibrutinib repurposing: from B-cell malignancies to solid tumors


Daniel  Massó-Vallés, Toni  Jauset, Laura  Soucek

p 147-148

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Hidden association of Cowden syndrome, PTEN mutation and meningioma frequency


Eduard  Yakubov, Ali  Ghoochani, Rolf  Buslei, Michael  Buchfelder, Ilker Y. Eyüpoglu, Nicolai  Savaskan

p 149-155

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Case Reports

Durable response of glioblastoma to adjuvant therapy consisting of temozolomide and a weekly dose of AMD3100 (plerixafor), a CXCR4 inhibitor, together with lapatinib, metformin and niacinamide


Adan  Rios, Sigmund H. Hsu, Angel  Blanco, Jamie  Buryanek, Arthur  L.Day, Mary F. McGuire, Robert E. Brown

p 156-163

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Research Papers

Presence of both alterations in FGFR/FGF and PI3K/AKT/mTOR confer improved outcomes for patients with metastatic breast cancer treated with PI3K/AKT/mTOR inhibitors


Jennifer J. Wheler, Johnique T. Atkins, Filip  Janku, Stacy L. Moulder, Philip J. Stephens, Roman  Yelensky, Vicente  Valero, Vincent  Miller, Razelle  Kurzrock, Funda  Meric-Bernstam

p 164-172

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Familial adenomatous patients with desmoid tumours show increased expression of miR-34a in serum and high levels in tumours


Sarah-Jane  Walton, Amy  Lewis, Rosemary  Jeffery, Hannah  Thompson, Roger  Feakins, Eleni  Giannoulatou, Christopher  Yau, James O. Lindsay, Susan K. Clark, Andrew  Silver

p 173-185

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